DIY Diaper Cake


If you ever find yourself in the position of questioning your life decisions, then it might be the case you have been invited to a baby shower. And with this questioning comes also another decision to make: what to bring as a gift to the friend that will soon be a mom? Life decisions may cost as a lot, but like in a gift, if you invest a bunch of time in it, you will be making the right choice; and also a good impression! So, grab the following and get to work on making a DIY New Baby Lion diaper cake:

• two packs of no.2 diapers;
• some string and ribbon;
• a three-foot wooden stick or some rulers;
• a large tube of Butt Paste;
• a couple small bottles of bath wash;
• a tube of lip balm;
• six cute wash cloths;
• a lion toy;

The building process is not that difficult actually. But as said before, it requires a bit of time and concentration. For more check the link below…

New Baby Lion” Diaper Cake


This is available HERE…

Find it HERE…

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