DIY Double-Decker Drum Composter


Improving quality of the soil you use in all of your work in the garden is surely something all amateur gardeners want. With few costs and not that much work! With a double-decker drum composter you can achieve that. And also by doing so, you’ll make sure your compost is free of rot. The device you can build with your own hands will allow you to turn the compost a whole lot easier, which in turn will aid with the breakdown process a lot faster. Grab the following tools and materials: a couple of 55 gallon drums, 3 pieces of pressure treated 8-foot long 4×4 timber, one piece of pressure treated 8-foot long 1×4 timber, 4 Stakes, two pieces of 5-foot long galvanized poles, galvanized lag bolts, corner and flat braces, nuts & washers, exterior screws, drawer handles, hinges, barrel locks, cement, a circular or table saw, cordless drill, shovel, rotary saw, 2-inch hole saw.








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