DIY Dragonfly Wall Art


Improving the interior design of your home or your yard is something you should do not just once, but from time to time. The following DIY project involves upgrading the décor of your wall, whether it is an outside wall or an interior one. What is fascinating about this work is the creativity with which you can repurpose old pieces of furniture into beautiful decoration. With just some fan blades and table legs, you can create some impressive dragonflies. The DIY project can easily be done at home. And in order to get a good looking effect, it is best you make a few of these dragonfly wall art pieces. The wall you have improved will definitely be the talk of your next visitors. Visit the link suggested and discover how to create your own DIY dragonfly wall art at home.

Here’s the tutorial…

The Original Table Leg Dragonflies with Ceiling Fan Blade Wings

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