DIY Easter Lambs


How would you like to make some cute Easter decorations that are also edible? This cute little Easter lamb is easy to make and can be the main decoration of a tasty cake or other sweets. To make them, you will have to search your memories and remember how your childhood when you used to play with plasticine. These small lambs should be carefully modeled and you to make them you will need: creme egg, sugar paste (of different colors), some pastry supplies, black edible icing pen and royal icing. Follow the pictures below to create the body of the lamb then decorate it with the help of a piping bag and icing. You can also create a small environment for your lamb, if you only want to use it as decoration. Place it on mini cake cards and use icing to create grass or small flowers around your cute little lamb.


Easter Lambs – Creme Egg Animals by The Pink Whisk

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