DIY Easy Easter Project


Don’t get started on decorating for Easter before you’re done reading this tutorial. Learn in a quick step by step way how to give a unique DIY touch to your home décor and have fun in the meantime. Easter egg made with different strings, which you can use to decorate a vase or bowl, on the table or under the mirror. To achieve this nice piece of ornament, grab these materials:

• small balloons;
• colored string;
• glue;
• corn starch; (Sta-Flo liquid starch)
• (optional) chocolate eggs;

Start with the special mixture. Basically, you mix water together with cornstarch (corn flour) or glue. Then, soak the string in this and then wrap the balloon with it. Oh yeah, don’t forget to blow up your balloon beforehand. You could place some chocolate eggs in it while doing so. Leave to dry overnight.


Check to see if the string has hardened and when you’re certain it did, pop the balloon. You will be left with a hollow egg made out of string. And a chocolate egg surprise inside. Now you can decorate your home with a bunch of these little marvels of handmade. Put a string through a bunch and hang on the mirror or on a window bay.


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