DIY Easy Ribbon Tulip Flower


Many people think it takes a whole lot of work and artistic skill to make a handmade bouquet of ribbon flowers. The truth is there is some work to it, but most of the times you can achieve an impressive result with as little as two hours spent cutting and gluing. In order to make this tulip flower `3D painting`, you have to follow the instructions and have these materials:

  • a frame;
  • a piece of canvas;
  • pink ribbon;
  • yellow ribbon;
  • red ribbon;
  • green ribbon;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • some glue;

You could use as many colored ribbon as you like, but it’s recommended you select those who make the bouquet look more natural. First, draw the design on the piece of canvas. Then take the scissors and punch holes at each end of the petals, just like in the photo, so you can pull the ribbon through the holes. Repeat this step for each color. Take some glue and stick a thin line of ribbon to act as the stems of the flowers. Then, do the leaves with a thicker piece of ribbon in the same way you did the petals. Finally, glue a bow on the base and put the canvas into the frame.


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