DIY Elephant Out of Fabric


The next DIY project is really cute and can be a great gift for someone special. We will show you how to make a cute little elephant out of fabric. If you are a fan of DIY project, you surely have some leftover fabric from one of your previous projects. Here is what you’ll need: a piece of fabric (colored or with patterns), a piece of felt, thread, needle, cotton filling, scissor and a pen. In the pictures we posted you will find the pattern for your elephant. Print it, cut it out and place it on the fabric. Then cut out the shape of the elephant. Be sure to cut out two pieces as you will need them for the body. Do the same for the ears. Then start sewing together the two pieces of the body, carefully filling it with the cotton. Sew the little ears to the body too. You can also add a little tail out of thread if you want to. And that is all. A nice and cute gift, which is pretty easy to make.

DIY-Pocket-Elephant-pinterestSource: Swet-Lanka



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