DIY Embroidered Eggs


Thinking about making something different with the Easter eggs this year? Well, you will love this next project as it combines traditional elements with modern ones and leaves plenty of space for your imagination. Making the embroidered eggs from the photos is an easy task and you can create any pattern you want on the egg shells. Besides this working with these shells is much easier than you would’ve thought and combining them with sewing will result in a beautiful Easter decoration. The basic supplies for this decoration are: raw eggs, a Dremel, needles and embroidery thread. You will need the Dremel to cut a hole in the eggs and then to drill several small holes so you can insert the needle and create the beautiful embroidery on the egg shell. You can find the tutorial on the following link and a selection of images that will guide you through each step.


DIY Embroidered Eggs by Design Sponge

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