DIY Fabric Coil Bowl


Working with fabric is a job as old as modern nations. Some cities from the past thrived on only this type of industry. Some countries have grown from manufacturing clothes and other type of fabric-related products. Now, the DIY movement and trend has brought this skill to every home. Making a lovely bowl out of fabric isn’t that complicated if you have the necessary instructions. But first, here is what materials you will need:

• about 10 meters of 14 by 8cm neon orange cord;
• some long strips of grey fabric or yarn;
• a pair of scissors;
• a large (yarn) needle;

Making a useful bowl out of some pieces of fabric is not only a skill but a type of artwork. The start is a bit hard, but if you get the hang of it, you will have a great final product. So, overlap the ends of the orange and gray strings and wrap the first one around about 5 times. It will be hard to not get tangled in them, so be careful! Now, make a loop by folding the end of the grey string on itself. The center hole should be as big as a needle (it will get bigger while you move forward with your project). Tie a knot around the base of your first loop, with the orange cord. Then push it through the loop towards you but now all the way; a small loop is necessary for you to pass the needle through it, just as you would in a blanket stitch. In order to complete the starting tail you will need to repeat the previous step all the way around your first loop. While you progress onward, the stitches don’t have to be that tight and close to each other. Check the photos to see if you’re on the right track. Read patiently through the other steps and you will end up with a nice bowl.  Also, a full tutorial you can find in the link below. Good luck!

DIY-Fabric-Coil-Bowl-4 Fabric Coil Bowl Tutorial – The Red Thread Blog

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  1. Estella says:

    It looks great although I would put a video on your site because it took me about 30 min to figure it out.

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