DIY Fairytale Cottage Chicken Coop


Providing your chickens with the proper amount of security as well as comfort isn’t hard but it requires some effort from your part. That entails offering them a house to call their own! Making a chicken coop is not the most complex DIY project but you will need to roll up your sleeves a bit. The one chick house featured here is so cute it will definitely become a nice improvement to your garden design. It is colorful and fitted with all of the pieces a proper coop needs. The final result is so good and playful that kids will want to play in or near it right away. Hopefully the chickens won’t mind!

While I was away my amazing husband printed out my coop design plans and got to work making the fairytale-cottage-coop dream, a reality.






diy_chicken_coop_5 more details here…

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