DIY Feather Christmas Tree


Here is a beautiful and creative Christmas tree idea. It’s easy to make, and so easy to move around – because is made from feathers! Make sure you have:

• feathers – it’s recommended you don’t use an old pillow, but find some at the décor store;
• small beads of plastic for decorating;
• cardboard;
• wine or champagne cork;
• tube (optional);

Pick feathers of the approximately same size. Glue decorations (use only light weight ones) on the feathers before applying them on a cardboard base bent into a cone shape. Start from the bottom and gently make your way to the top. Don’t leave any spaces between them, so you will have a full tree. Be careful to put each of the feathers in the same position, to give the similarity with an original tree. If they aren’t bent in the desired way, or the beads weigh them down, just use your fingers to make them look the same. Also, make sure the glue doesn’t spread on the entire feathers. It will weigh them down and it will give an ugly look to the whole tree as well.

For the finishing touches, use a wine bottle cork to make the tip. This will also add some stability to your tree. Alternatively, you can use a long tube for your cardboard cone. It is recommended to glue the whole structure to a base cardboard, for even more stability. If you want at the end, you can add some color (use a spray can) on the tree. And why should you limit your to just only one? As easy as half an hour at most, you can make as many as you want.

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    Todo hermoso cuantas cosas para aprendergracias

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