Food Compost Bin Concept Turns Food Waste and Cardboard Into Fertilizer

The concept of the food compost bin, known as Toggle, addresses the growing concern about food waste and its environmental impact. With the shift in eating habits, particularly the surge in food delivery services, our lifestyles have become more convenient but at the expense of generating ...

Artists created a cardboard sculpture of two lions in love

Sue Beatrice resides in Sea Cliff, NY and has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Sue attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts before joining The Franklin Mint where she honed her talents and broadened her knowledge of sculpture.

Japanese Artist Transforms Old Amazon Cardboard Boxes into Amazing Sculptures

Monami Ohno is a very talented Japanese artist who has formal training in 3-D animation and is now making amazing sculptures out of cardboard. Her sculptures are mainly made out of used Amazon boxes and serve as a basis for her highly detailed designs.

DIY Easy Craft: Cardboard and Burnt Matches

This DIY is easy, simple, and so affordable. Add a natural element to any space with this DIY burnt match wall art. You’ll need a cardboard, matches, and glue around the house… What do you think?

DIY Feather Christmas Tree

Here is a beautiful and creative Christmas tree idea. It’s easy to make, and so easy to move around – because is made from feathers! Make sure you have:
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