DIY Film Candle Holder


If you were looking for a creative way to decorate your room, then you’re in luck! Because by the time you’re through with this DIY project, you will make all of your friends jealous with your artsy candle holders. You will need:

• any kind of photo negatives;
• a glass candle holder;
• double-sided tape or glue dots;

The first thing to do is using the negatives for measuring the candle holder. Don’t worry if you don’t have photo negatives at hand, you could print out some photos on transparencies or on vellum that fits the candle holders. Wrap it around the glass in order to see how many frames you will need in the negative roll to complete fill the entire area of the holder. If yours roll is shorter, just add some frames from another negative.

Then, apply tape or glue dots to both ends of the negative piece or pieces. Stick as many as you need on the candle holder to cover it from top to bottom. Place a candle in it, light up and admire its beauty. You can try to do this project for different sizes of candle holders, to construct a nice artistic display for your living or bedroom.


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  1. Coralie Nogle says:

    Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes ya don’t…

  2. Rebecca says:

    Pinterest isn’t letting me share.

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