DIY Fire Pit S’mores Cake


S’mores are so great as they can be used as an ingredient in lots of deserts. They taste good when melted, when covered with chocolate and even when they are baked into a cake. So this next recipe is one of the best ones ever, as it is a cake made with S’mores and other delicious ingredients and looks like a fire pit. To make the cake, you will need: brownie mix, water, oil, eggs, butter, crackers, chocolate, whipped cream, small marshmallows, chocolate, frosting, cocoa powder, marshmallow fluff, red food coloring and hard candies, orange and yellow hard candies and cookies (all details in the end of the article). The ingredients may seem a lot, but the taste will be supreme. Simply combine the ingredients according to the brownie mix and add the small marshmallows into the composition. Bake the cake and in the end decorate the outside with the cookies, the crackers and the candies. Place some more cookies on top and create the fire pit look. This cake will surely be the star of your next party. Read all details in the end of the article.







Fire Pit S’mores Cake – Instructions

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