DIY for Kids: “Hello Kitty” Easter Eggs


Making special dishes for Easter is not that hard. Even though you might think baking something in the shape of a rabbit, there are lots of easier methods and projects you could try to set up the table in a more fun way. In order to make a super simple `Hello Kitty` Easter Eggs, grab these tools and ingredients:

• eggs (obviously);
• some colorful permanent markers;
• small pieces of ribbon;
• other little decorations;
• glue;



In just a couple of minutes you could transform some regular hard boil eggs into cute Hello Kitties. With the help of black and yellow markers draw the face, eyes and whiskers onto the cooled-off eggs. Notice that the eggs chosen for this project are of regular shape and we advise you to work with them sideways, just like we did. Next, the trademark bow should go on the upper side. Make this out of small pieces of ribbon or use any other little decoration that might look like the original. Just stick it with a bit of glue and voila! I found this great idea on the Alisa McCulloch Pinterest page (HK eggs was created for his daughter’s birthday party).

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