DIY Fountain Cooler


If you didn’t throw a party in your yard this summer because of the stress caused by organizing all of the details, we could help you in making this step right away. Now you have the easiest solution for an outdoor summer event’s beverages area with the 3 level fountain cooler. As long as you’re not worried about the style of the materials you use, you will have a working ice fountain cooler for your party. With a few plastic (non-inflatable) kiddie pools and a couple of plastic storage bins turned upside down you will have a useful cold storage for your beverages. Drill some hole into the bins so the ice you fill the pools with can easily drip into the one below it. Also, make sure you have different size pools or basins, so the final shape is more like a small fountain and not a tower. Place the beers or sodas in each of the ice-filled pools and let your guests have their best time at your event without having to drink something warm.

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