DIY Garden Shed – Free Plan


If you have a garden or backyard, then you probably have a lot of space to build yourself a large storage unit. A garden shed would be a great idea in this case, as you will be able to store your tools and all sorts of things that you don’t use every day. Once you see the design of the shed, you will realize that it’s pretty easy to build it yourself. Inside you will have plenty of space to store your things and the windows on the side and on the top of the structure will let in plenty of sunlight. This way you can also use the garden shed to build things inside and work at different kinds of DIY projects. Just take a look at the pictures, follow the descriptions and build your own garden shed.









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  1. Fencing in Orange County says:

    Such a beautiful garden shed along with its tall tree that acts as a fence, which has created a secured and jovial ambiance for your yard. I really appreciated your ideas and definitely I will try it out .As far as your garden shed is concerned you can Create your garden gym in your backyard with marvelous fencing style where you can do exercise in cool ambiance with privacy.

  2. Dianne Shaw says:

    there are images but where is the actual free plan?

  3. Eric F says:

    Hi! This is a great garden shed. It’s the perfect look what we are wanting for our back yard. Can you provide the actual plans?

  4. Wade far says:

    What is the size and do the have plans?

  5. Jay K says:

    This is a beautiful layout and would accent my yard perfectly. I can not see any of the descriptions mentioned. Can I get a copy of the actual plans so I can undertake this project?

  6. Augusto James says:


    Nice design.. are the plans available?

  7. Bonsai Lumber says:

    Where can I get these plans?

  8. Mike H says:

    Where are the free plans?

  9. Ken moore says:

    How can I get the plans to this shed?

  10. Erik says:


  11. Rose Hoolihan says:

    Hello! Can I gat these plans? Thank you!

  12. Lawrence Green says:

    Can a cost sheet be provided?

  13. Martin Nantz says:

    Where are the plans to this shed, Is there options for different sizes?

  14. Martyn Brice says:

    Can I please have the plans to this wonderful shed?

  15. Çağrı Çölgeçen says:

    Can i pls have the plans

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