DIY Garden Treasure Jars


Having a garden is a blessing in disguise. For starters, you have your own place for relaxation. Then, it can be best used for tons of fun activities as well as developing skills for toddlers. This is where the DIY garden treasure jars project comes into good use. The following materials will be involved in the assembly: a few used glass jars with lids, flat-bottom marbles or decoupage jars, GE II silicone sealant (apply at least 1/4″ thick). The process is so easy even kids can pitch in to complete the treasure jars. After you manufacture the interesting-looking jars place notes of wisdom along with toys inside them. Now, the treasure hunt can begin. Take a look at the tutorial featured in detail on the next webpage and follow the instructions. Your DIY garden treasure jars will be complete in no time.


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