DIY Glass Tile Pendants


Maybe you’ve seen this type of jewelry or accessory around for a while, and noticed many people bragging with them around their necks. And maybe you’ve thought they are difficult to fashion and you would also want to have a bunch of these at home. Actually, they are very simple to make and thanks to this website, you will learn exactly how easy. First, grab the following items:

• a black and white small photo;
• white cardstock;
• bails;
• glass tiles (from any craft store);
• a simple chain;
• some super glue;
• diamond glaze;
• a small brush;

Begin with pouring just a bit of the glaze on the tile and spreading it with the brush. Immediately after this, take the small photo you printed out on a cardstock to the appropriate size, and press it facing downward onto the tile. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes and spread with the brush another tiny drop of glaze onto the photo’s backside. After a couple of hours of drying, add the bail with the help of the super glue. Pull the chain through the opening and there you have it.

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