DIY Glitter Christmas Ornament (No-Mess)


Decorating yourself during the holidays might be an awesome feeling. Seeing the result of your hard work directly on the smiles of everyone that walks in your home and is delighted with the ambient created. Some of you might though be afraid to try and make Christmas ornaments by their own, especially if there is glitter involved in the whole process. Today we will show you a DIY project on just how to make Glitter Christmas Ornament without any mess. Maybe some people that have already made ornaments in their home will know that they aren’t that hard to wrap your mind around. The trick to the whole glitter-without-mess is using the glitter on the inside! Check out the steps from the tutorial to find out how this is easily doable. And don’t forget to have some floor wax. See the instructions and good luck!


How to Make Glitter Christmas Ornament (no-mess) by Greenbean’s Crafterole

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