DIY Glitter Christmas Ornament (No-Mess)

Decorating yourself during the holidays might be an awesome feeling. Seeing the result of your hard work directly on the smiles of everyone that walks in your home and is delighted with the ambient created. Some of you might though be afraid to try and make Christmas ornaments by ...

Handmade Christmas Ornament

The Christmas tree isn’t looking as great as you hoped it would? If the ornaments you bought from the shop or off the internet aren’t exactly what you’ve been searching for, then make your own right at home. With a few basic folding and cutting skills you are able to fashion ...

DIY 3D Christmas Ornament

If you’re tired of the boring same old template of a snowflake people and designers alike have been feeding us all these years, try to make this 3D felt ornament model instead. It will bring an art ambiance and contemporary feeling to your homestead. The curves and the Ogee
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