DIY Heart Bokeh Lens Filter



Have you ever seen pictures that have beautiful and colorful spots of light on them? These small spots are called “bokeh” in photography and can give your pictures a magical air. These light patterns are much more easier to make, then one would think at a first glance and we are going to share this cool process with you. To create such nicely shaped bokeh you will need a camera, of course. Take your camera and measure the front of your lens with the help of a strip of paper and create a cylinder out of it. You will create the pattern on a black cardboard, so mark the size of the lens on it and cut it out. After that you will need to use a hole punch for paper and punch the shape right in the middle of your cardboard circle. Attach the cylinder to your camera’s lens and tape the black circle to the end of the cylinder to cover the lens. Now all you need to do is search for inspiration and shoot some beautiful pictures with a very unique bokeh.

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