DIY Hidden Bed for Small Rooms


Building your own furniture is fun and it gives you a degree of freedom at the same time. You normally won’t take this method into consideration, but if you’re confronted with a lack of space in your room, you will! Lucky for you, our website is here to help you with this process. Take a look at this simple DIY hidden bed project. With as little as 400 €, you end up with a nice place to lounge and sleep (if you have a sofa bed) and a useful storage unit underneath. Not to mention the podium can be used to put on little shows by your kids. They will love it! The project for a 300 by 160 by 45 cm will span for 3 to 4 days. Materials are available at any hardware store and you might need some assistance if you’re a first timer with power tools. See the sketch for further guideline. When you’re done constructing this podium, you will wonder how did you ever lived without it. It’s a sure win. Good luck!

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