DIY Hidden Kitten Litter Bin


Having pets is not just a blessing in disguise, but also a big responsibility. As owner, you have to provide with food and cleaning after your little friend. And if you care about your interior design as much as any decor lover, you will see these 2 aspects might not come together in harmony all the time. That’s why we suggest you try and use this awesome dresser turned into a rather large litter box for your cat. The main advantages is that the odor is blocked for a while until you get the chance to change the litter, as well as `dressing` the box itself into something closer to your home’s interior. This great idea will make it so much easier to clean the room after your cat has `used the facilities`. With an unused or recycled dresser in position, its drawers removed, holes cut and door hinges installed, the nice-looking large litter box is almost finished. To make the whole thing look authentic, the dresser had 4 of the old drawers put back in and the new doors painted in the same color. With the litter box or boxes deposited inside you end up with as well as satisfying your cat’s curiosity.

Hidden-kitten-litter-bin-1 Imgur
Hidden-kitten-litter-bin-2 Imgur
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Hidden-kitten-litter-bin-11 Imgur

2 Responses to “DIY Hidden Kitten Litter Bin”

  1. Rebecca says:

    What a great idea…I has me thinking..So sick of the CatBox, Ella is 13yrs and is going strong..Thanks for the great idea..R.Odell

  2. Kristine Hart says:

    Where was that when I had cats!! 🙂 That is so cool..

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