DIY: How to make a tyre see-saw


Repurposing materials can bring a lot of advantages, not in the sense of just saving money, but also in bringing a necessary amount of fun and excitement into your life. It’s not only the process of building some DIY object from a regular day-to-day item that brings the fun, but also that of seeing someone like your kids making good use of it afterward. Here you have a creative little DIY project that shows old and unused tires can be transformed into a lovely seesaw. So, if you want to make your kids happy and make them play outdoors more, than this project is perfect for you! Grab a can of spray paint, your trusty handsaw and a couple of wooden boards. Cut them to size according to the instructions and drill them together through the specific spots. Once you’re completed, place the DIY seesaw in the yard and watch as it will put on smiles on children’s faces for months to come. Read how to build a see-saw in 11 steps in the link below..

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How to build a see-saw – 11 steps


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