DIY Tire Teeter Totter


Recycling is nothing of a new technology, but one that is increasingly more popular by each passing day. And it’s not only Nature that sends its regards for turning to this, but children as well. That’s mainly because they are one of the main recepients of the benefits of recycling actions. It gets even better; you can do so much more by repurposing an item you would normally recycle or just throw away. Take this tire for example! You can easily turn it into a Teeter Totter at home.

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With the help of a wooden board, do some handmade magic and transform something used for moving cars and vehicles into something making children happy and smiling. Be the best parent ever and take on the DIY challenge to transform a regular tire into a teeter totter within one afternoon. Provide your children with a fun toy while teaching them the importance of recycling in the process. You won’t even have to work a lot, because Read the list of materials needed for the project to be successfully completed and follow the simple instructions.

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