DIY Idea: Lego Lamp


Lego remains even nowadays, one of our favorite games. We like to play with these little pieces whenever we have time and just build some colorful structures. If you happen to like Lego too and have a long-forgotten lamp in your home, then here’s a great idea of what you can make by combining this creative game with a DIY project idea. All you need is a lamp and a Lego kit, from where you will need to choose the elements that are 2×4 cm’s long.

You make a base and you build yourself carefully up to the top. You can also ask your kids to help, they will probably like it very much. When you have finished the lamp, just turn it on and be amazed by the colorful light sparkling out of it. It will change the whole atmosphere of your room, there is no candle that can match the sensation created by this Lego lamp. You can also buy a simple Ikea lamp, and repeat the same steps as those above, to make another great lamp.

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