DIY Jar Painting


We stumbled upon a nice and easy tutorial of a DIY jar. It is a short presentation of how to make yourself a painted jar which can be a great decoration or even a gift. You will need some jars (of different sizes) and glass paint. First of all make sure your jars are clean and they don’t have any labels on. Remove the labels by putting the jars into hot water. After that it will be very easy to peel off the labels. Then just wash the jars and let them dry and after that you can start the fun parts. Draw the outline of the drawing you want to paint on the jar. You can draw different things on the jars, from animals, to fruits and flowers. Select the thing you want to draw, print it on a piece of paper and place the paper inside the jar, so the drawing becomes visible on the outside of the jar. Use the glass paint and draw the outline of the drawing then just simply color it the way you like. After that you can place anything in your jar, from buttons to things you need in the kitchen (sugar, spices etc.) or you can leave the jar empty. Find a nice place for it on one of your shelves and that is all.


9 Responses to “DIY Jar Painting”

  1. cynthia says:

    what kind of the paint that used?

  2. Shannon says:

    Where did you get the images to trace, any ideas where to find?

  3. Amber says:

    Do you use something to make sure the paint doesn’t chip off? And if you do, what is it and where do you get it? Thank you for this cool idea and your time.

  4. alka says:

    Good Tutorial

  5. Junebug99 says:

    What kind of paint? Ive been wanting to do something for my mom and I couldn’t find anything, this is a good idea! Thanks

  6. nancy says:

    I can not wait to do this i ha e tried other ways to paint pictures on glass but not on jars it gives me so many ideas thanks a lot

  7. Desiree Hilbrecht says:

    What type of pens did you use

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