DIY Lace Patterned Easter Eggs


Handcrafted decorations are something we all want for our homes, but can’t quite afford it every time there’s an occasion for improving the interior design. This Easter though, you can turn to this trick in order to make your dinner table look a little bit more beautiful. Here is what you need to have and make in order to fashion some DIY Lace Patterned Easter eggs:

• a couple of strips of lace;
• a few mini hair elastics;
• some dye;
• a bunch of eggs;
• a bowl of boiling water;
• some vinegar;
• scissors;
• (optional) needle and thread;




Take as many bowls and strips of lace as colors you want to use on your eggs. Cut the lace into squares of material and place each egg into a little bag you fashion with lace and an elastic hair band. Tie up securely because you don’t want the egg to get away while in the water. Hold it from the top and submerge it into the bowl of hot water, vinegar and dye. After 5 minutes have passed, take it out and marvel at what an impressive and beautiful pattern you just applied to an ordinary egg. You can use the strips of lace after you have finished, with other eggs you didn’t color yet. Just cut a transverse (like a finger-less glove) piece of it and sew it simply in the back. The Easter table looks so much creative with these designs!



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