DIY Lazy Susan Turntable


Eating outdoors is a sign that you’re close to the environment and you value some fresh air (if there’s any left in your area). Sure, you read on and on about interior design ideas and other improvements inside the home, but here is your chance to make a change to the outside of the residence. And what a nicer way than enhancing the eating experince. In order to make a Lazy Susan Turntable for your garden table here is what you need to have and do:

• 20 by 44 by 1800 mm PAR pine;
• 3 mm masonite wood;
• large sheets of paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• Lazy Susan Turntable bearing;
• a jigsaw and clean-cut blade;
• 180 grit sandpaper;
• a tube of wood adhesive;
• a varnish brush;

Begin with a pair of paper templates – one for the cutting of the wooden exterior and one for the interior part. Meaning, draw a circle first and then the octagon by sketching the side from a distance of 40 mm from the circle’s edge. The shape should look just like the one in the photo. Use the scissors for just one side and then cut the pieces of wood with it (and jigsaw of course). Soften the edges with 180 grit sandpaper and attach to each other with wood adhesive. Leave to stiffen for 10 minutes or so. Cut a full-size circle with the other piece of template, soften the edge and glue to the octagon component via the adhesive. Maybe press a little to make it stick in place until the glue dries. You now have a table, let’s make it turntable.

Next, the centerpiece will be fashioned with the help of the first template, from which you now have just an octagon. Cut individual pieces of wood and glue them inside the octagon shape. Leave to dry for about one hour. Apply three coats of wood preservative then give some time for it to dry. Take the bottom section of the bearing and stick it on the table and with the help of a bit of adhesive glue the ring of the Lazy Susan Turntable. Put the table from earlier over the bearing, using some glue and time (almost an entire day) to let it work. Now use to the fullest extent possible.

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