DIY Leak Proof Water Blob


Having a backyard is of no use if you don’t use it to its highest potential. With summer knocking at the door, it’s recommended you prepare a fun and relaxing activity, for you as well as for the children. Try to make this DIY Water Blob in about half an hour. It will only cost you about $12 , but you will thank us in those warm summer days. Here is what you will need in order to turn this project into reality:

• Painter’s plastic/plastic sheeting (*4 mil* – any size (here is used 10×25-foot roll, and cut it down to about 10×20)
• an iron;
• a hose;
• (optional) coloring;

The trick here is to not use tape to attach the sheets to each other, but an iron. The heat of the machine creates a seal which prevents leaks much better than any glue might achieve. With this advice in mind, continue to fashion a large mattress out of the sheets, until you reach the desired shape. Then, it’s time for filling it with water. You could add some coloring to this, to make it even more fun for kids. Seal the gap you used to add water and you’re done!



source: Homemade Toast | Facebook


  • This is a neat idea, but is it possible to edit so the dollar sign ($) comes before the 12, instead of after it–I’d love to share it, but am very particular about sharing things that have such obvious mistakes.

    Also, what do you do with it when you want to store it? Will it come apart easily for reuse, or do you have to destroy it and start over?

      • George on said:

        I mean really, if they want to be specific and truly accurate – you need to add what country the $ is referring to…US$ or Canadian$ Australian $ I mean these are things we need to know.

        I think the easiest thing to do if you sharing the info and don’t want people to think down of you because there was an error in the original information is to add the good old “..sic” so people know that it wasn’t you, but it was worded that way by the source.

          • Yours truly on said:

            Wow you are so rude calling pepole stupid dude really mr.SAM when you be mean to pepole dose it make you feel good or not so if you don’t have somthing nice to say don’t say it at all Jesus you are acting like my 8 year old shut up and get a life

          • Sam, can’t believe you said ” your stupid” when it should be you’re stupid. Pretty stupid huh?

      • Bob Doe on said:

        What Sue wrote is absolutely true. anyone who’s actually been to school knows the $ comes before the number! $12 not 12$

    • Thank you!!! 12$??? Come on. Who wrote this? It has nothing to do with “being shallow” or “having a life” (below). It is basic English and anyone publishing in the language should have some respect for it.

      • Bobby on said:

        In a lot of parts of the world, that is how it is written. And anyways- WHO THE HELL CARES????!!!!! Who cares if its english or swahilian, its a price and you can see how much it is. So yes- GET A LIFE.

        • Bronwyn on said:

          Bahahaha…..Bobby you have just created a new race……. so where do people live who speak swahilian……. swahilia? Maybe you should go back to school and learn a bit more about the world before you make silly comments. Or just google it….. it Swahili actually!

          • In Kenya and Tanzanya Swahili language is used as a lingua franca by approximately 60 million people 5-10 million peoples use it as their mother tongue. Swahili word is derived from arabic ‘Sewahil’ it means ‘Coasts and describes the people of Zanzibar, Pemba, coasts Tanzania and Kenya. Is it clear?

      • Who wrote this? Hmmmm let me think. A creative individual who is kind enough to share their idea with the world. You people are disgusting.

        • Cathy on said:

          That is why we have so many, lots can write and a few can create, I look at Pintrest for the creations, I can find correct writting everywhere!

        • I think you’re right Mel. These comments got real stupid real fast. Thanks to the person who posted it, I just might try it.

      • Stacey on said:

        I agree with you but you need to keep in mind, the days are long gone when people had respect, for a lot of things. You might need to lower your expectations a little. Or a lot.

    • On the obvious mistakes: I hate reading a comment aimed at correcting a mistake, and seeing in it a dash without spaces around it. A lot of us reading this have a first language other than English or just do not appreciate people attacking people over orthography in a public place (no place is more public than Internet).
      On storing: judging by the photo above, the storage method includes letting the water run out by removing a small part off the side – just cut it open exactly on the rim of any corner, let the water out, dry off and store, and iron again the next time it is filled. I guess that lifting a corner on a chair (or something) for the filling, and making sure it is dry before the closing ironing should make it a lot easier.

      • Bela, do you think it will really dry? after the water is drained? I live in a climate that fosters mold. Do you think maybe some clorox in the water would help with preventing mold? Or does someone have a more enviro-friendly additive to help with mold and mildew. . . . I just see that as a problem. Any suggestions would be welcome, because this looks like a fun thing to do.

        • Maybe the conditioner that is used for waterbeds would help keep down mold. I was wondering the same thing but wouldn’t use bleach. It can dry out the plastic and cause it to fall apart.

    • alex on said:

      Sue, perhaps you should take a writing or grammar class– you have errors in your comment as well. It’s a case of the pot that called the kettle black.

    • tammi on said:

      are you serious?I don’t even know what to say in response to your comment except that you’ve got to get a life Lady!

    • daxx on said:

      I want to come by and watch you put one together and I’m bringing beer and friends so we can watch the insanity set in….Anyone worried about something as minimal as the placement of a dollar sign when both placements are equally correct and accepted, will be fun to watch as the OCD takes over and you try to thermal seal 2 pieces of plastic together with a hot iron, water and 110 volts of power while trying to get the plastic square, the margin correct and seams perfect with just the right amount of water. Probably ought to stick to projects with crayons, glitter and non-toxic glue.

    • The small toddler will be in danger if he or she falls over. A hole can be made in this type of water bed. Years ago smaller version of this was on the market and children died. A child that size, does not have the muscles strength it would take o get themselves face up, nor would they know to. A child this size can drown in a tea spoon of water.

    • Nicole on said:

      What’s sad is the fact that as I’m reading this idea from pinterest 3 years later, the $ is in the “correct” position and I’m guessing the blogger actually went in and “corrected” the “mistake” how funny such a big stink was made over such a petty thing as a dollar sign!! HAHAHA what a hoot!

    • Lisa on said:

      Lol who cares about dollar signs! It was explained very well! Thank you! ……. dollar signs! Huh…. lol lol lol lol the shit people argue over. Bunch of piss ants!


  • cristen on said:

    my goodness sue, you seem to be quite a shallow person to not share this because the $ sign is in the wrong place. get a life girl!!

  • Kendra on said:

    Sue all it would take is a small cut on one of the edges to empty it, which would then leave you an area to fill it the following year and be resealed.

  • Awesome idea! To Sue for as particular you are of the obvious you’d figure it’s obvious you’d cut a corner, drain, fold and store. For reuse unfold fill and reheat to seal. But other than the obvious this is a awesome great idea!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Karen on said:

    Europeans and numerous other countries put the $ AFTER the numbers. Since you possibly made the obvious mistake, please feel free to share with your friends.

  • Aaron on said:

    Regarding sue’s response… Why don’t u just open the same hole that u filled it with and drain the water that way? Than just fill it up and seal it up again using the iron when u desire to use it again?

    • Dianne on said:

      My question is – what stops the plastic from getting to hot for the kids during scorching summer months? Here is Texas during our 100 degree days – I’m just curious how hot it gets after being in the sun several hours…

  • Meatball Jones on said:

    You forgot to mention that you will need parchment paper over those edges before ironing or you will ruin your iron. Maybe it’s in there, I’ll read through this again, but as someone who fuses materials together via iron or heatpress, you need something over that plastic.

    • The iron should never touch the plastic. A damp cloth will work placed on the plastic. Also if you placed a bed sheet under it you will lessen your chances of the ground putting hole in it.

    • Stacey on said:

      Great idea with the parchment paper “Meatball Jones”!!!! I totally ALMOST missed the important part of the comments (iron + plastic= nightmare) because of the stupid comments above.!!!! So glad I kept reading a sec! Yeah..parchment paper or some thin fabric would work perfectly! Such a great idea and people have to obscure obviously some great ideas with boring grammar statements and for God’s sake ….I’m thinking you would be watching a small child who cannot lift its head out of a teaspoon of water! ***ugh***

  • Diana on said:

    I’d like to know, after putting it out under the hot sun… since it’s a plastic sheet… won’t it turn the water inside warm/hot as well as the surface hot??

  • Buy plastic hose fittings. Before sealed make hole put fittings in then completely seal. Can fill & pour out through it. I would be more specific about the fittings, but I don’t know what they are called. I just know one piece goes on the inside & comes out through the hole & the other piece screws together on the outside. Used for pour spots on home-made rain barrels.

  • When you own a company it is very important to be grammatically correct and know how to spell.
    European countries and numerous other countries do not use the dollar $
    They would use whatever currency sign for that country and the currency sign goes before the amount.
    € £ ¥ ₩

  • This would be a great idea as a camp style water mattress. Adjust your dimensions to a bit larger than sleeping bag size. Voila….backyard comfort when tenting with the kiddos. Not exactly trail rated, but better than sleeping on hard ground. This is a cool idea!

    • yes you can fill it with vodka and sleep over a slow leak. This way if a bear or load campers ordinarily bother you. You could get some better sleep this way!:)

  • Kristi on said:

    Actually John, for natives of the French language the $ comes after the amount. Any other way and this is wrong. If the creator of this article came from the French provinces of Canada, for example, this title would be 100% accurate. Even if writing in English, this would be how it’s done.

  • Amanda G on said:

    This is a great idea, I love it. But I would really like to have more detailed instructions. I can’t boil water without instructions. The sealing part at the end, and keeping water from shooting out while you fill seems a little sketchy, but I this another commenter’s idea about the drain fittings would solve that. As for other comments…Sue, if you let the placement of dollar sign stop you, then I am sure you have more important things to do that build this. Like proof-reading the dictionary. Also, I was thinking about the water or plastic getting too hot from the sun. I think if you lay a tarp f even a sheet or blanket over it when not in use, it would keep it pretty cool, or hose it down before they get on it. (Might give it a bit of a ‘slip and slide’ qualiy, so be careful.)

  • alphaomega on said:

    Okay, before I say anything else, why is everyone still going on about this sue persons comment? You guys need to get a life, its been discussed, I’m sure she feels bad, don’t internet bully her. Anyways, that said, this article is severely lacking in important details relevant to actually doing this project. Including how to actually seal it. It would be awesome if the publisher of the article could make a link to an explanation.

  • Lisa H on said:

    As far as I can see, the dollar sign IS in front of the 12, so I don’t see what the big deal is. All of you who are belittling Sue, ya’all need to get a life yourselves! Good grief. We all need to learn to overlook things we don’t like (especially if it isn’t going to affect our lives one way or the other) and just move on. Good grief.

    • Donnie H on said:

      Funny so many defending a mistake just to bully someone, who just offered a suggestion. The fact that the correction was made, makes all the other people seem crazy.

  • Audrey W on said:

    There are a few areas that to me are a bit unclear. First: how do you iron it to seal it without melting the plastic on your iron? Did you use cloth or some sort of paper?
    Second: sealing at the end- what kind of tape did you use and how did you get the tape to stick where you put the water in? It had to have been wet and difficult to get dry. Thanks for your hep! 🙂

  • Ok, so when someone actually tries this, let me know. I’m really careful about the possibility of being sued by my friends and neighbors. You never know, do you?

  • Carolyn on said:

    Sue is an internet troll, and loves the attention she gets by posting such ridiculousness!! Not enough love from Daddy, Sue? Here you go, here’s more attention, you pathetic moron!

  • Kate on said:

    Wow, someone tries to share an idea to help you entertain your children and instead of thanks they get a comment section full of grown ups acting like children over the most ridiculous things. Keep it classy folks, I’m sure your children will grow up acting as stupid as you are.

  • It’s 12 bucks get another one next year throw old one away it looks like a cute idea.Thank you for sharing sorry there’s so many apparently negative people in this world!

    • Thank you….I was reading this and finally some one got the Idea…..$12$ is cheap matter where you are in this world for most countries. …….really!!!! It’s a great idea no matter what….kids will love it….

  • xavier on said:

    LOLLLL honestly guys you made my day… the “war” for the $ is too much, I’m still laughing… I’m french and if you could see how many people are making huge mistakes in my language… seriously you are fighting for that? personaly I’m shocked by Obama having Nobel Price of peace and sending drones to kill people without any jugement. I’m shocked by the queen and her brother involved in native american kids kidnapping.. you should really re-consider your sens of values… I’m pretty sure I made mistakes writing this, cause I’m not speaking well english.. hope you are having a heart attack reading me.. could get the planet rid of a bunch of stupid people one shot…

  • melody on said:

    Ok so everyone is arguing I’ve a dumb dollar sign but now one asked the most important question… HOW ARE YOU GOING TO IRON THE PLASTIC WITHOUT MESSING UP YOUR IRON?

  • Richie on said:

    I tried this but it ended up leaking horribly. Now that i read back thru all the comments i found the problem. We made ours in the shape of a dollar sign. Cutting the plastic in the shape of $ is not recommended. Doing this gives you too many mismatched seals using the iron. Just stick to the basic square shape and you should be fine. Its also much easier to make than doing as i did cutting plastic into shape of a dollar sign. Its all tge comments that got me confused. We should have carried pc into yard where we built this instead of just winging it….

  • Steve Wenke on said:

    First of all, thanks for posting, looks like a fun idea, unless you are water-challenged like we are in CA right now. So I have to ask my fellow Californians to maybe wait on this idea until AFTER we get our reservoirs and wells filled back up. Also,and I mean this with no disrespect, is it safe to use an iron to seal up the “bag” of water? I mean, if the bag is full, how do you keep the inevitable seepage from finding its way to the extension cord that the iron must be plugged into in the backyard? Could be rather dangerous if you ask me. Just sayin’

  • ~angie on said:

    For real? People, this is simply a “How-To”. If you need to write a new version, do so! It was was only explained how they did it. If you need the $ before the 12, then rewriting it, HELLO! And if you need exact price, go look it up for your area/location. As for how to store and reuse, this article seemed to assume the reader has sense enough to figure that out.

  • Donna on said:

    I actually have some real questions. How hot do you make the iron? Has anyone done this in 100 deg. plus weather where it might get hot enough to burn skin?

  • Lorie on said:

    I’m no expert on much of anything and I definitely don’t use punctuation correctly because I’m somewhat lazy and do not type my messages into my computer I actually speak them into computer for it to make a message out of . so obviously I don’t worry about stopping to say period Or question mark,etc… So all you haters go ahead and tear my message apart you will not hurt my feelings whatsoever y’all are ridiculous and need something to do with your time . But other than that my comment is , can you not copy someone else’s ideas and then when you bring it up on your own page go in a correct where the dollar sign goes for yourself ? just saying……….
    It’s very frustrating to go online and find an activity for kids that looks awesome and then when you try to find a little bit more information about it and you start reading comments that people make and it has nothing to do with the actual project you’re looking into it is absolutely frustrating and a waste of time for you people to try to correct someone else who do you think you are I’m just trying to make something for my kids I don’t care how people spell things right things it’s none of my business I’m just proud upon the idea and I know somebody that can give me more information on it I don’t feel the need to correct their grammar or punctuation. Focus on yourself and the things that are wrong with you and fix that before you start on anyone else and if you can’t find anything else to fix with yourself ask your mate or a friend because I’m sure they can tell you 20 more things that you could do to improve yourself. Sorry off my soapbox now everyone have fun and I hope you enjoy your water blob this looks excellent and thank you for the ones you put ideas on here they were actually about the water blob and not punctuation and grammar..?!,!?”‘*=\:;!? You want punctuation there it is

  • Linda on said:

    What about punctures? Animal claws, kids toys, those plastic sheets will hole easily, and it will heat up and be warm not cold after a while.

  • Lmao reading these comments.
    For those who actually NEED ANSWERS TO REAL QUESTIONS…..
    A. you need to use parchment paper above and below the plastic. You can see it being used in one of her pics but I’m not sure she mentioned it in the post. She drew a line marking her seam edge.
    A. We weren’t sure either . but when we made it we put the iron on the COTTON setting, but we also used a thicker plastic. We used 6 mil. $25 for 10’×25′ at home depot in Connecticut. USA (do I win a prize?)
    A. THIS PROJECT IS REALLY A SINGLE USE TYPE OF THING. even if using 6mil. (better, thicker plastic) it would be very difficult to make dry enough to avoid mold/mildew.

  • Na Na on said:

    OMG! How some people can be so petty amazes me! Come on! Aren’t (or should I say “are we not”) smart enough to know what the writer meant?

  • Lol …adult… if you like the IDEA..which is a good one….go price it out in WHATEVER country you live in. Holy smokes…it’s an idea… don’t like it..don’t make it..can’t afford to..USE the idea..and come up with your OWN idea…

  • Helena on said:

    This is just a crazy discussion and waste of time…
    I like the idea and I’m gonna make it for the kids and for myself haha

  • Anthony on said:

    How much pressure can it hold? Have you ever popped one? I assume an adult could lay on it but I worry about bigger kids trying to jump on it.

    Also as for the debate about $12 v 12$, how dare they share this information with you for free to use and not have it text book quality, shame on them and their house!

  • Hilary on said:

    Listen here asshole ! If your not smart enough to realize this thing will only last a couple days , you don’t deserve your punctuation request ! Goodness someone please kick these assholes off of Pinterest !

  • Juju on said:

    These comments are way better than the idea. I LOL’d every time someone misspelled something -waiting for the next commenter to point it out… Oh the world we live in today…

  • Rachel McManus on said:

    Please,can anyone,someone,maybe tell me if we are talking dollars or pounds?? I really dont think that i will get a wink of sleep until this is corrected for me. I’m just so concerned and have nothing more important right now to worry about!! And i wpuld never be able to show my name again on another website if i were to make a gramerical mistake! Oh and I ,oh nevermind,Martha Stewert,!

  • Bev True on said:

    Does this water bag kill the grass? If it has bleach or some such, to avoid mildew, then it might for sure, kill the grass when it gets emptied, yes? Just inquiring, not critisizing.

  • Shari on said:

    I am amazed at the responses to a simple misunderstanding. If instead of trying to prove some have higher intelligence, what would happen if all this energy of negativity was applied to doing a random act of kindness or giving it forward? Understanding no one is perfect. Perhaps a bit more kindness. Just a thought.

  • Wanda Landry on said:

    After reading the plethora of ridiculous comments on grammar, I would like to thank the poster for this wonderful idea. The obnoxious grammar police obviously have nothing better to do then troll a do it yourself website for amusement.

    • WhittleBit on said:

      I would use water jugs tied to all four corners of the blanket. I would NOT recommend attaching the blanket to the plastic.

  • WHY!!!!!!!!! on said:

    This is a man with God know how many children and just wanted to share an idea of his with us and sure he might have put the dollar sign in back of the 12 but i am pretty sure there is 8 children there so i would hope that using incorrect grammar is the least of his worries. Are your lives really that boring that you have to correct an adult who i think doesn’t care about some of your rude and nasty comments or even the few nice ones trying to defend his idea and now the part where you relize that this is coming from a teenager not some old man stuffing his face with cheetos at is computer fat and lonely in a dead end job with only a 20 and a old twinkie in his safe!

  • Johanna on said:

    I can’t believe some people.
    Someone was willing to share a wonderful idea out of the goodness of their heart.
    Then some asshole comes along and tries to correct their gramma.
    Wow people suck.

  • Tulli99 on said:

    Clearly individuals with too much time on their hands, to criticize someone after they have been kind enough to share their idea. If it bothers you so much quit looking. The rest should stop justifying this individuals comments by engaging in rebuttals, let them make the comments, because everyone else is thinking the same thing about the criticism. Which is why I choose not to engage with original comment but rather, to let you know this person isn’t worth any of our time.

  • Jillian on said:

    Yeah, lotta jerks here all focused on someone correcting a mistake, many of the jerks focused on that have many mistakes in their own posts, and not a bloody one of you noticed they corrected the mistake. So, bravo, you’re ALL fools.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what the fabric is, if it’s a product to help seal, or just to keep the iron from direct contact with the plastic, etc, etc.

  • Debi on said:

    Nearly 3 years later and this is still good stuff! You made me laugh,you are so right! I found myself saying how rude and disrespectful all these naysayers are. Love it!

  • Nikki on said:

    I think a shaded area and a quick spray of cool water would go a long way. This is an idea she created I doubt she thought so many people would tear down her creativity.

  • Paula on said:

    Really wow bored much? This person shared a great idea and your going to pick her post apart? If you have nothing better to do may I suggest that you find hobby. Last time I checked this wasnt a grammer page. Get a life and hobby grammar Nazi!

  • veronika on said:

    I have three old satellite dishes – it would be fun to make these round and have water-padded chairs.
    Just an idea – don’t ask me for details 😉

  • Maya on said:

    Lol the people criticizing about grammar are probably just trolls trying to look for something to complain about since they didn’t come up with this amazing idea. It’s like no one retains the basic kindergartener lesson of: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

  • By the time I reached the end of the comment$ I forgot what the hell I wa$ looking at
    And ju$t to be an a$$hole I refu$e to use proper punctuation and $pacing
    Hahaha thi$ wa$ a hoot though

  • Katy on said:

    My question is, wouldn’t the plastic, water or both get to hot and end up burning the kids or adult from the heat of a sunny day?

  • Veronique on said:

    Honesty people!!
    You’re going to bitch about a damn dollar sign on someone personal website? Quite rude.
    I know that if you are writing currency in French, the dollar sign goes after. So maybe you’re criticizing someone that speak two languages and make a mistake.
    Big fucken deal guys!
    It should be after anyways in my opinion. It’s not “dollars twelve” it’s “Twelve dollars” … so logically, 12$.
    Not the end of the world. There are other things that are way more important than a freaking dollar sign placement.

  • WhittleBit on said:

    Well, here in Montana we are going to make this and then let it freeze in the winter and use it to slide on. More fun all year round. LOL! Look for use on YouTube!

  • WhittleBit on said:

    I am also not going to worry about mold, it is SEALED we are leaving ours sealed. You can throw it away or re purpose it, once the water is out. You all have made these OLD women laugh so hard we had tears. You have made our night. Thank you to all of you who actually made helpful comment and to the fella that made the dollar sign water blob, we are still laughing with tears.

  • Are you ironing the plastic together. In the pictures it looks like you have a sheet or something. Won’t the plastic melt to the iron? Any chance you have more specific directions? Thank you for posting this! It looks so fun.

  • Serenity on said:

    Due to how hot it gets these summer days I would suggest that you use some sort of shade tent to kind of cover the area that the kids will be playing and as far as sealing the hole it looks as if she used duck tape in the pictures provided

  • Melissa on said:

    Stupid argument people ….it was meant to be a fun project with yr kid not a lesson on where the $ goes lol can we say OCD

  • Mimi on said:

    How pathetic can you be?? Seriously people really complaining about a typo wether on purpose or accident??!! Who gives a crap. U do t like it move on with your damn life!? Nonsense. Shame on all you complaining and talking crap. People can’t be nice and just share ideas without criticism is rediculous. Idiots.

  • Sandra on said:

    The dollar sign comes before in English but some native speakers of other languages would put the dollar sign after. It isn’t out place to judge. We get the gist. Also…the price will vary on a lot more than just country of origin.

  • JANE on said:

    As for it getting hot and being unsafe for children… so do metal slides at playgrounds and many other things, so use common sense people

  • Morrigan on said:

    In regards to the money sign issue from before, if you are from a French speaking part of the world, i.e. from Quebec or France, you would put the $ after the number, and if you are English speaking part of the world, Canada or England, you would put the $ before the number.
    Interesting idea. Is the ‘water blob’ a one time use thing, or is there a way to store it & reuse it?

  • It is a sad commentary on our society when we can not simply be gracious for someone sharing something like this. It is a lovely idea. I almost choked when I saw the response asking them to edit the post. That is an ignorant response to this original post. Here is a thought. Re-write the instructions yourself if you do not like the way these were done. Shame on you. To the person who posted this, thank you. I saw children playing on one down the street and having a blast..

  • Heather townsend on said:

    I’ve read that adding salt to water will keep plastic or material from mildewing.☺️ Worked on my shower curtains.

  • Who cares about $ signs? This is a post about something fun to create and do. Grow up people. Have none of you ever made mistakes? Maybe it Was intentional. It doesn’t matter. She cared enough to share her idea. That is the point. And for some of the other comments, to drain it? Cut along a seal. Hang it inside out to dry. Next year fill and reseal. As for being too hot to touch, if you can’t put it in the shade, turn on the hose and cool it off first. For crying out loud people, it just takes a little common sense! Thank you, for the wonderful idea. My daughter has a smaller version. With flat plastic fishes in it. And if y’all don’t like my grammar, punctuation, spelling, or anything else I have posted, I don’t care!

  • Lola on said:

    Who the heck cares if their are grammar mistakes in he comments. I mean like sure it could frustrate some people but if I am going fast and not checking I want my question answered not some people I don’t know criticizing me about how I write my post and yeah I know this post has some but soooo whattt no one cares I know I don’t so why should you?

  • Heidi Lewis on said:

    Omg who gives a care? So stupid. This is about cheap entertainment for the kids, stupid swahilian bitch! So ungrateful for brilliant cheap ideas! Go buy an expensive pool or spend $500 at the water slides to stand in line for hours ok. I love this idea, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Mariae on said:

    Such neat idea. Unfortunately there’s will always be some OCD sufferers that will turn this fun idea into a grammar test. I understand the point, however working with people from all over the world has open my mind to be practical and adapt I learned there will be some eritting errors that can either be blown out of proportion or just move on and smile when irrelevant to the objective. Come on, the dollar sign is corrected I hope the person that started it all would be pleased.

  • Elsie darr on said:

    Your very pompous attitude seems a little misguided since you have used the phrase; . . .“so people don’t look down of you”. . . The correct way to use that is look down “on” you. I don’t think the author is concerned whether you can share or not.

  • Bryan on said:

    “12$” pour les français. It’s really not a big deal either way. I think your readers will figure this one out if the “$” is before or after. This project is a great idea for 12$. But is that USD? Because that’s like 20$ canadien or $20 canadian.

    This is the first and only post I contributed to any forum online. All because of the first persons anxiety of sharing an error, I just had to express my awe and wonder in the things people take seriously…. and now I post here and I have become everything I hate about the internet.

  • Susan Knoll on said:

    Stop it. It’s trivial. So much name calling, hate and self righteousness over the placement of a dollar sign. Listen to yourselves..
    Good grief.
    Love the blob..will try with my 6 grands. Thanks love.

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