DIY Mini Hoop Flowers


If you want to make some small and colorful ornaments for your room or future DIY projects, try and create these flower ornaments. As they pattern is quite simple, you don’t have to be an expert at crocheting and if you get stuck the guide below will prove to be helpful. Choose some nice and vivid colors of yarn, some plastic crochet rings and hooks, a pair of scissors, a needle, buttons, a glue gun and you can start getting creative. Begin with a knot on your hook, as this will be the starting point of your flower. Follow the steps from the tutorial and once you are finished with the petals of the flower too you can add the buttons to the middle. Use the glue gun to fix each button and the small flowers will be ready and waiting for you to find the perfect spot for them.



DIY Mini Hoop Flowers – According to Matt (tutorial)

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