DIY Modern Craft Table


Artists usually find inspiration in everyday life that surrounds them. Even though some argue that the DIY community and concept itself doesn’t actually contain `true` artists, the inclination towards creativity, beauty and aesthetics might just as well brand the DIY enthusiasts as artists. And as such, they require an area especially dedicated to the activity of crafting and creating or sorts of beautiful DIY products. Having such a place will prove helpful in improving the work you do in terms of DIY projects and keep everything more organized. The tutorial on how to build a craft-table similar to the one shown in the photos is easy to make and only requires some basic stuff like plywood, paint, hammer, drill, screws and glue. Read the steps provided on the website and good luck with all of your future DIY craft art work.



Modern Craft Table – by Ana White (instructions)


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    • Thoralf on said:

      I had a improvement of that design: there is a stabilisating beam missing beneath the desk. It is already on the picture of the unpaintet table to see how the desk-plate is bending down! A single 2x3cm (upright) beam in the center would do the trick…or 2 even smaller ones at each open side… I would prefare the one in the middle. It is not to see and it doesn’t hurt your knees…

  • Floyd Larck on said:

    Finally found it. Their site is very difficult to find things on and I build web sites for a living.Here is direct link:

  • Michele on said:

    I’d like a headboard like this that has this type of bookcase openings facing out on both sides of the bed. As you look at the headboard it it flat but as you look at it from the side you see the bookcase openings. (if that makes sense).

  • Josie McHale on said:

    NICE! Love that you had posted a DIY craft table. I saw a table like this at a trade show going for over $1000. Now I can do it myself for much less than that! Thank you so much!

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