DIY Mosaic Flower Frame


Making your own decorations is quite rewarding. Besides the fact you have the power of spreading your ideas throughout your home, the custom made decor will showcase your personality the most. For instance, if you like flowers and mosaics, you could make this beautiful DIY Mosaic Flower Frame. The craft skills required are basic and the instructions provided will help you along with the whole process. Grab a bucket, 12mm Supawood, some ceramic plates, tiles and tile nipper, jewelry, white grout mix, Alcolin Flexi Tile, a sponge and a pair of gloves and follow the step by step tutorial. Remember that in order to get the grout creamy, you must mix it with water with a spatula assisting in the process of spreading it across the frame. All there is left to do is removing the excess and polishing it with a dry and soft cloth. The result is beautiful!

DIY Mosaic Flower Frame – 5 steps

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