DIY Moss Graffiti


Graffitis are very beautiful and can be considered true pieces of art, but many times they come with damages. Just take a look at the buildings in your city, many of them are freshly painted, but covered in graffities. It is true, that artists don’t always have a special place destined for artistic expression, but just imagine how great it would be if you could make graffities have an impact on the environment. Well, the truth is that this is actually possible. The solution for this is the Moss Graffiti movement and the name speaks for itself.

How to do:

1) Find moss.

(gather moss from pavement, damp bricks, cement walkway…the kind that grows on trees is not indicated..)


2) Prepare the moss.

(Wash the moss to get as much soil out of the roots as possible. Then break up the moss in to manageable pieces into a blender.)

Moss-Graffiti-2 wikihow
Moss-Graffiti-2 wikihow


3) Making moss milk.

( Add 2 cups buttermilk/yogurt (not flavored yogurt), 2 cups water/beer and 1/2 tsp. sugar then blend it all together.)

Moss-Graffiti-3 wikihow

3 Responses to “DIY Moss Graffiti”

  1. daniel says:

    Could this work in the winter or better wait until spring?

  2. Rolene Harris says:

    My husband used to do this so our gardens would be greener. We lived near a ski-resort so you can guess the weather patterns, cold and wet most of the year. He decided to embrace the moss since it grew so well and usually choked out the grass! Haha. Used this same type of recipe and it worked woñders!

  3. Antoine says:

    Could you post a “result” picture that looks a bit less fake pls ?!!

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