DIY Mushroom House


This is a nice handmade decoration out of plaster. The technique is rather simple and it depends on you to give it that fairytale/natural aspect with a paintbrush. In order to make this DIY mushroom house, you will need:

• a bag of gypsum;
• a cup of water;
• an empty bottle of milk;
• a cutter;
• deep bowl;
• a flower pot stand;
• polyethylene plastic bags;
• paint brush;
• acrylic paints;

First, cut from the top of the bottle a length of 13 cm. Dissolve the gypsum in water to the consistency of sour cream. Quickly put a cone like small cardboard covered with a plastic bag in the middle of the bottle with gypsum. Push in (but not too much, you don’t want to reach the neck of the bottle with your cone) to create some room. After 5 to 7 minutes, pull out the bag. Then, use the cutter to slowly remove the bottle from around your form. That completes the leg of your mushroom; it is hollow on the inside so it’s not that heavy.

Second, in order to make the top, the `hat`, you will use a 13 cm diameter not that deep bowl with nice lined texture, and cover it with a plastic bag. Pour gypsum in the bowl and then place the leg of the mushroom (also covered in a plastic bag) in the middle of the bowl. After approximately 7 minutes the top is ready.

Third, the base of our project will be made using the same process, but this time with a 15 cm diameter flower pot instead of the bowl. You then put the leg in the pot, not necessarily in the middle, to give that natural feel. Before the plaster is completely hardened, carve some rocks or pebbles with a toothpick or with the cutter if the gypsum is a bit dry. Use a brush to remove any residues.

Finally, make a door on the leg in a similar manner you did the rocky pathway, as well as a window (with the use of a 2.8 cm circular shape of paper) or two. Now take the brush, some acrylic paints and decorate away. Feel free to add some little pieces of flower or grass with the help of some glue to make it even more natural looking. Your mushroom decoration is now completed!


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