DIY No-Mess All-Natural Candles


Candles are one of the few items which can help set a particular mood in a few moments. You could spend a lot on these items as they come in all kind of fragrances, especially near the holidays. But why not save a couple of bucks and try to make them at home? Sure, plenty of recipes or tutorials out there seem to suggest the process is messy. With the stuff we’re going to show you, you will be able to make not only candles without mess, but all-natural candles with no mess! Natural fragrances (like crushed lavender or essential oils) are highly recommended instead of the ones present in the commercial circuit. The materials needed are available at local shops almost everywhere. You will require a double boiler, some soy wax or beeswax, premade wicks, toilet paper roll holders (or anything else you might consider suitable for hanging the candles to dry) or Popsicle sticks if you’re pouring the candles. Pay attention to all of the instructions and your homemade candles will be ready; without any sort of mess!

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