DIY Outdoor Masonry Stove


Improving the design of your yard and home must entail at some point an outdoor oven project. You might think you’re not going to need it at all, but there comes that particular event you would have loved to have a cooking facility around. Because it’s not just about the taste exterior cooking techniques give to the dishes, but also the socializing component it facilitates. To be prepared in the future, and to save up to $200 on the DIY solution, we are happy to show you how to make an all-in-one outdoor oven stove grill and smoker. Be warned this project is complex and a couple of weeks work is needed in order to complete it. But the results are great! These are the items you will need for the project:


This project is quite a task which will bring you more to the field of construction than that of handmade or DIY. Firstly, the positioning of the oven will matter much, because you don’t want to get smoke on your table or through your windows inside the home, but you want to keep it close to your kitchen for easy cooking. See all details in the link below…

All-in-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill and Smoker

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