DIY Outdoor Table With Tile Top and Steel Base


The garden design needs some improvement and you are in lack of interesting ideas to implement? No need to worry or seek any further for design projects. We present you a creative outdoor table with a lovely mosaic tile top that you can easily make at home. The DIY task is not a complex one, but something that requires patience from you. The mosaic can be made on top any table sturdy enough to handle the weight of a bunch of decorative tiles. Don’t think it’s that difficult to achieve this kind of result. With a little help from a guideline drawn on a piece of cardboard, you will easily piece it all together. Be warned though, some heavy tools are required if you want to make the custom metal table, like the original project. The final result is a beautiful round mosaic table top which you can use to improve your garden design. Check the instructions on how to achieve a similar product like the one featured in the photos.


DIY Outdoor Mosaic Table (Step By Step)

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