DIY Owl Sandwich Paper Bag


If you enjoy nature and want your children to be able to enjoy it as well in the future, then recycling should play an important role in your life. We live in a consumerist world, which means we buy a lot of things, but many of them turn out to be useless. So we dispose of them and create a lot of waste. In order to make a favor for the environment, we should recycle as much as we can. Packages and all sorts of containers are a great way to start. The cute owl in the pictures was created out of recycled wrapping paper. You can fold the paper in order to create the body of the owl and make the face afterwards out of colored paper. You can use this as a decoration in your home or use it as a lunch bag. In both cases the satisfaction will be great, as you managed to recycle and create something cute out of an item which seemed garbage at first.





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  1. pat says:

    Please give me the instructions of the shirt box myne does not look like yours please please. – Pat

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