DIY Pallets Playhouse


Here’s a great DIY project. To build it, you can use recycled materials, such as old pieces of wood and pallets. Your investment won’t be that much, but you still need to buy screws, paint, plexiglass and the roofing so you can expect to spend around $170. You will also need to prepare your toolbox and in case you don’t have one just borrow some tools from friends, instead of buying a whole set. The playhouse from the tutorial has the size of 260 cm x 260 cm (102.4 inch x 102.4 inch)…





7 Responses to “DIY Pallets Playhouse”

  1. Trish says:

    about how many pallets did this project use. I want to start saving and would like an idea of how many I should get.

  2. Jenny Cargill says:

    This looks awesome I have custody of a grand daughter she is nearly two is this easy to build I would like her to have a play house but cant afford one so this is probably the only way she can have one

  3. TomLeeM says:

    I think that is really well done.

  4. Kalvin says:

    The amount of pallets will be based on the size and condition of the pallets. I was able to build it using 15 large pallets and had to also purchase a couple of 2×4s at home Depot for the framing.

  5. Meghan Markle says:

    Great! thanks for sharing a nice idea to build a diy pallets playhouse.

  6. Harley says:

    How do I get step by step instructions for this??

  7. Bronwen says:

    Hi there. Where are the instructions of how to build this and measurements?

  8. Matt Ruholl says:

    Anyone have the blue prints or parts list for this house?

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