DIY Photo Pebbles


There are a lot of cool arts and crafts project you can try making on a budget. Such is this next one, which is a creative photo pebbles idea. You can even use the pebbles you will create as a cool accessory, transforming them into rings, earrings or pendants. Save your favorite images on your computer, then printed them on good quality paper in order to create the pebbles. Then buy a bunch of glass pebbles at a crafts store and use Mod Podge to fix the images onto the glass surface. Make sure you resize the images before printing them, so they will be clear and have a good quality. Also, if you want to turn the pebbles into an accessory don’t forget to buy some metal jewelry bases. Otherwise you can use them as a decoration, by simply arranging them on your work table or a shelf.



You’ll need:

Floral Glass Pebbles
Vintage photo’s, your Favorite Cartoon Character, your Initials..
Paperclips (for a bookmark)/ Magnets (For Fridge Magnets)/ Pendant Hooks (For a Pendant)





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