DIY Plastic Bottles Toys


When you’re feeling bored and you want to make some awesome improvements to the interior design of your home, why not mix it up with some cute toys? The nicest part of this type of decorating is that it transforms regular household items, which would otherwise just clutter the garbage can. Here is some ideas on how you could make such toys (decorative or otherwise) and a little tutorial that will come in handy. First, you will need the following materials:

• colored detergent plastic bottle;
• sharp cutter and scissors;
• some glue;
• sticky eyes;
• different color fabric and feathers;
• small metallic skewers (to use as feet);

Then, this sort of a creative DIY project will require you to plan ahead the model you wish to make. Maybe draw the toy (creature) you wish to fashion before and afterward make the appropriate cuts. Start with some wings, continue to something of a mane (the feathers will make the hair look more realistic), and end with drawing a funny face onto the upper side of the bottle. If the design you seek needs some removal of material from the bottle, be free to cut away. Stick all of the pieces together with a bit of glue. Finally, stick the metallic skewers in the plastic to act as legs and place your creative repurposed detergent bottle toy on the coffee table to get the deserved appraisal for your work.

Plastic Bottle-Owl

DIY super cute planters from plastic bottles


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