DIY Plastic Spoon Lamp


Lamps that have an unusual design can really spice up things in your home. There are lots of catalogs with different kinds of lamps, so you could browse the internet for weeks in search of a unique lamp. However the downside can be that custom made laps are usually very expensive and not everyone can afford having such a piece of jewelry in their home. But don’t be sad, as you can find lots of great tutorials about how to make your home, beautiful lamp. This next one is simple to make as you’ll only need lots of plastic spoons, one large water bottle (empty), a cutter, hot glue gun, one light bulb and wires. Cut the bottom of the bottle and the handles of each plastic spoon. Then start gluing the spoons on the bottle, as shown in the pictures. When you get to the top, create a collar out of spoons. Attach the cable to the light bulb and insert in inside the bottle, then cover the wire using the spoon-collar. You can always paint the spoons with acrylic paint, but white lamps are elegant and can be easily integrated with the rest of the decor.











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  1. Andi Sunderland says:

    I love your lamp idea! It’s ingenious and quite beautiful. One thing I would suggest is encouraging folks to use an LED light bulb that won’t emit much heat. If folks use a traditional light bulb (which can generate a lot of heat) with your design, the lamp could become a fire hazard or could begin to emit noxious fumes as the water bottle plastic heats up. And if it got hot enough, the glue might soften and melt and then the spoons would start to drop off! AUGH!! A small LED bulb would probably help avoid those scenarios and keep your lovely lamp beautiful, intact and safe. 🙂

  2. Andrew Lambert says:

    This is too cute!!!! The last lamp project I did was Japanese paper lamp.. This is kicking it up a notch! Will definitely do this. On point 😉

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