This project is made by Cyrille from BubbleStitchQuilts.

How to faucet an old night stand in a brand new play kitchen? It is more easy than it seems! This is the one I have just made for my 2 years old son.

1- Go to the flea market or in a second hand store to find an old night stand (I have found this one for $10). Also look for an old faucet, a bowl and all the other accessories. I had to buy the faucet new ($25) and I couldn’t use paint from home as my son wanted his kitchen yellow and I did not have this color. So I have spent $20 more for the paint. My total budget was $70.
2- Clean the night stand and remove all the unecessary parts of it. (about 1 h)

3- Cut the holes for the sink and the oven door, and drill all the holes you will need, then sand and only after paint. (you could damage the paint by cuting or drilling after) (about 3 hours)
4- Assemble all the parts together, glue the sink, screw all the other parts and do not forget to sew a little curtain. (about 3 hours)

Et voilà! After 7 to 8 hours of fun, you have a cute little kitchen, reallly nicer and cheaper than those you can find in shops. And your little one is just happy!

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