DIY Pot-In-Pot Refrigerator


When you hear even ancient people knew better than you how to keep their stuff cold during the summer, without having the luxury of modern appliances, you will feel so envious! If you want this summer to be a lot more friendly with the environment, than you can save up on electricity usage with a simple outdoor trick. The science behind it is pretty rudimentary and it dates back 5000 years. The DIY project involves a couple of earthenware pots, one slightly bigger than the other. Pour sand at the bottom of the larger one. Then insert the smaller pot and fill the space in between them with water. The trick lies in that when the outer liquid evaporates, the heat from the smaller pot is drawn away. Preserve your fruits or vegetables cold inside the pot. This works for other substances or products as well. If you can, prepare a few of these pots to make sure all of your food is kept well on those hot summer days.

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Crédit photo : Yves Colas

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  1. Mimi says:

    Thanks for the info.

    A little frustrating though that the description (and the clipart pictures) of how to make this, clearly don’t match the photographs :/

    From what I can work out, it seems that there is sand not only in the bottom of the large pot, but there is sand lining the entire space between the pots.

    Maybe someone could update the details and instructions?

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