DIY Project: Bread Slicing Guide


Slicing bread seems to be an art, as no matter how much you won’t get two identical slices. This can be quite nerve-wracking so if you want to solve this problem once and forever, you have to take the matter into your own hands. This means building an intelligent bread slicer, using only wood and your crafting skills. Before planning the bread slicer and its design, think about how think you’ll want your bread slices to be and what kind of wood can you find for this idea. Make sure you avoid using paint in this project, as it can be toxic when it comes in touch with the bread. To learn more about how to build your own bread slicer and the list of supplies you’ll need, please visit the following link. For this project is used 1/2″ Oak.


A bread slicing guide to make your own bread slicer is available here… Also.. if you not have time you can purchase one from here…

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