DIY Project: Homemade Plastic Cup Lamp


Lights are an important feature for most of the rooms in the house. If you liked to create your very own lamps and lampshades, you would find a huge resource of creative ideas on this page.
Below, you are shown some tutorials for a range of diy lamps from the easiest to more technical constructions. So, if you are a DIY-minded or you just want to add a personal touch with some unique decor, you are bound to find a project to inspire you, here.

In this project, all the cups are glued together. Attention !!! … you have to use economic bulbs, not heat.

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4 Responses to “DIY Project: Homemade Plastic Cup Lamp”

  1. Tela Histoire says:

    Hi. I appreciate the creativity used in putting this lamp together. However, no matter what I click on I do not get the page for directions: how many, how to put the globe onto the lamp on the ceiling, etc. I have the glue and some cups … lol

    Please send full directions to me, or tell me how to get to them. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  2. sas says:

    don’t need to know how many, just put them ones next to others, and the circle wild be closed at a certain amount…!!!
    then a little imagination, some ‘iron’ rope or pieces of wood…. play macgyver though!! gogogo

  3. LadyDi says:

    We made a New Years ball that we dropped at midnight using cups, glue gun and Xmas lights. Was great idea and everyone loved it!

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