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Everyone knows that DIY project is very popular these days. Why? Because we try to show you the best ideas in the field of useful and pleasant. Here it is another great idea: a DIY notebook holder. We checked out some notebook holders in the shops and none of them seemed well-made and nice at the same time. So we decided to make one by our own means. The whole project will cost you around $20 and it will totally be worth it. That’s the cheapest way to create your own laptop holder, and imagine that all you need are just some PVC pipes, spray paint and different materials which we think you already have at home. Ready to start? Follow the instructions below:

With a serrinha, cut the PVC pipe (thinner than 2 cm in diameter) into five pieces of the following sizes: 1 piece of 22 cm, 2 pieces of 20 cm, 2 pieces of 7 or 8 cm (the note of the 8-cm ones will become slightly tilted). You’ll also need the following materials: six connectors, spray paint, hammer and four balls of silicone auto-adhesive (optional support to prevent sliding). And now let’s get to work! Notice that the connector is somewhat squeezed to fit. Go easily one of them and it will work out. The last picture shows the final result: all the embedded 5 pipes and 6 connectors forming the support. If you need, you can make a tapping joints using a hammer, just to make sure that all the parts are firmly fixed. Now, here comes the undoubtedly funniest part: the coloring. We went to a well-ventilated outdoor area,  having the ground properly lined and wearing protective masks on our faces, and started to cover the entire surface with spray paint. We were careful to paint all the joints where the pipes were connected. The secret of using the spray paint is to let it stand and make uniform moves so to cover well all the parts without draining. The final outcome? A beautiful and, above all, functional support that sustains one standard-sized notebook. If you like this idea, you can even make two such pieces: one for home and one for work.

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  1. Everett says:

    WTF is a serrinha?

  2. AKASH K M says:

    nice concept

  3. Andrea says:

    Look it up!!!!

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