DIY Pumpkins Carved With A Drill


People often think making decorations for Halloween is a tedious and complicated task. But if you have some tendency for creativity and a website that can help you in this process like ours, the preparations for these festivities will be a piece-of-cake. Although many designs available on the internet and in all of the print magazines suggest you make a scary-looking figure or character on your pumpkin, we think a more decorative pattern will be appropriate for your interior or outdoor design. For the look we present you here, a drill will be indispensable. Make the pattern will prove a lot easier with this tool instead of a usual knife. You have all details, step-by-step in the link below. The resulting design will be pretty nice and together with a candle inside, will make the ambience more intimate this coming Halloween.



Pumpkins carved with a drill – instructions by Craftynest

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